Adam Sturm

Adam Sturm


Adam Sturm is a co-founder of BK Fit Studios. Adam has been CrossTrainingting at several boxes around NYC since 2010 and is a CrossTraining L1 certified coach. He’s recently placed in a few local masters competitions, and in the 2013 CF Open he finished in the top 7% in his age group. This year he hopes to finish the Open in 200th place or better in order to advance to the next qualifying round.

As a former professional chef Adam spent 10 years cooking in some of the world’s top kitchens. After hanging up his chef whites he joined his family in starting a commercial printing company. An avid sports fan and all-around athlete, Adam grew up playing football and baseball, swimming, running and working out at the gym. He has competed in several running and Olympic distance triathlons, and in 2003 he completed a half Ironman. When Adam’s knees started to resist the high impact of triathlon training, he switched to the high intensity of CrossTraining instead and now feels as if he’s turned back the clock!

Adam is passionate about coaching and helping people meet their fitness goals. He also has seen how CrossTraining can push people even beyond their goals to enhance their athletic capability. Adam loves the sense of community CrossTraining fosters and wants BK Fit to be a place where members can have fun and inspire each other while obtaining elite health and fitness.

  • USA Weightlifting Certified Level 1 Sports Performance Coach