Shimi Litkowski

Shimi Litkowski


Shimi Litkowski is a co-founder and the head coach of BK Fit Studios. Shimi has been CrossTrainingting and coaching in NYC for the past few years, and has been wanting to open his own Box because he has seen CrossTraining change lives over and over again and loves the strong community CrossTraining creates. Shimi is a hardcore endurance athlete but has watched CrossTraining bring together groups of people to achieve goals they never could have met otherwise, and loves that camaraderie and collective effort. As a coach, Shimi has seen people work harder than they have ever worked before and love every minute of it. He has seen pounds shed, illness healed, and people able to come off of their medications. For Shimi, CrossTraining is a lifestyle choice that definitely yields a better quality of life.

Though you won’t see him eating them at the gym, Shimi loves doughnuts. However, he has a strict 25 burpee penalty for each doughnut he eats.

And on the topic of burpees, Shimi is currently trying to trim down his 1,000 burpee time to sub-60 minutes.

Shimi is the kind of athlete who decided last summer to just “drop in” on an Ironman without much training. And CrossTraining has helped him with one of the hardest challenges he’s done to date, the Spartan Ultra Beast in Killington, Vermont– a 30+ mile race with 40+ obstacles (and we mean obstacles!) up the side of a 4,000 foot mountain with no course map.

  • CrossTraining Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossTraining Level 2
  • CrossTraining Gymnastics
  • Advanced Olympic Lifting Certification (AOLC)
  • Basic Olympic Lifting Certification (BOLC)