2016 and the Cross Training Game Season


2016 and the Cross Training Game Season

Hey, BK Fiters!

Are you ready to BRING ON THE OPEN?!?

5 weeks, 5 workouts, 5 chances to re-define your limits!

For those of you that have participated in the open before, you know how rewarding this challenge can be. For those that haven’t taken on the Open before, welcome to the community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice!
The Cross Training Open is an online competition that tests the fitness of thousands of competitors to find the Fittest Man and Woman in the world.  Sounds a bit intimidating, right? No way! The open isn’t just about having the winning score in the country, state, or even your own box. The Open is your opportunity to level up on your own personal Cross Training  adventure!
No matter where you are in your fitness journey, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO COMPETE!
You’ll be part the global Cross Training Community grueling through the same workouts every week, hitting new PRs with your peers, and reveling in the reward of completing these fitness challenges. Even if you can’t do the Open workouts as prescribed, you will surprise yourself with what you are capable of! Competitors have had a chance to finally nail those double unders, or finally reach those chest to bar pull-ups. The Open is a chance for you to create possibility.
We are all in this battle together and we’re all in it to HAVE FUN!
When is it?
Feb 25-March 28
Thursday nights at 8pm:
Cross Training BK Fit will be hosting a viewing party at both locations. BYOB! You’ll get a chance to get amped up with your fellow cross-trainingters for the workout ahead of you and bear witness to the 1vs1 MEMBER SQUARE OFF! There will be two head-to-head battles, one RX and one scaled.
Saturdays:  Your designated Cross Training Open WOD! We’ll be tackling the Open together each Saturday, holding each other accountable, cheering each other on, and hitting new PRs together!   All athletes who sign up for the Open will be able to be judged on Saturday between 9am and 11:30am.  Because we don’t know what the work outs are, we are going to set up heats for that day on Friday.  We will then ask you to reserve your heat time (thru Wodify), and we will also need you to judge a heat (heats will be arranged in couples).
Can’t make it in for one of the Saturdays? No problem! You won’t be alone!  Link up with other teammates and complete the Open WOD together in front of a judge before 8pm Monday.
Don’t let fear dictate your actions. Overcome it by facing it head on!
You’re coming in for the Saturday WOD anyway, right? ; )
 In order to participate you need to sign up at http://games.cross-training.com.