Congratulations to this year’s New Year New You Challenge winners!


Congratulations to this year’s New Year New You Challenge winners!

Congrats to Katelin Farrell Nogueira, who is the winner of the 2016 BK Fit Studios New Year New You Challenge!

Three athletes were chosen this year who showed their dedication to the plan and in turn had stand-out results!

1st Place: Katelin Farrell Nogueira

2nd Place: Lauren Nicole

3rd Place: Antionette Campbell

These ladies owned this challenge and turned it into a lifestyle!


They learned how to properly fuel the body through a Paleo diet:

“The challenge made me more aware of my nutritional needs. I now find myself reading every nutritional label. I have a better understanding of what I’m putting in body and what my body needs in order to perform better and have a better quality of life.” – Katelin


And how to efficiently plan properly balanced meals and snacks:

“I ended up having to do more upfront planning.  I bought a bunch of stuff and lft it in the office … That way when I’m hungry I avoid picking at the candy or other various junk food that is constantly around as I move from meeting to meeting in the office.” – Antionette

They reached out and attained new PRs:

“I was able to PR my push press, power snatch, back squat, front squat and split jerk! I also survived all 5 girl WODs and got my first free standing handstands and toes-to-bar.” – Katelin

And saw RESULTS!:

“I usually buy my jeans online (tall people problems) but I went jean shopping this past weekend and was able to find my tall size in store because I dropped a jean size.  That felt amazing.” – Lauren

“I am beyond excited and proud of my final results! During the duration of the challenge I lost a total of 9 lbs and several inches off of my body. I instantly saw a difference in my appearance. My skin was clearer and hair appears to be much shinier and healthier.” – Katelin


All with the Cross Training team experience:

“I was so grateful to do this challenge with my fellow BK Fiters. At every class there was always someone sharing their journey or updating everyone on their latest successful recipe. Hearing everyone’s weekly struggles and successes allowed me to stay motivated and focused.” – Antionette

“It was much easier to hold myself accountable this time around because I knew I wasn’t doing it alone.” – LaurenDSC08445

“It was so much fun to follow the other members’ progress and bonus challenge postings on social media. Seeing everyone’s posts kept me inspired and motivated throughout the 30 days.” – Katelin

These three may have taken home the dough, but all of the competitors in this challenge get to take home the benefits of creating a healthy life they deserve.

I’ve learned that I can achieve a lot more than I ever imagined through self-discipline and developing good habits.  I want to apply this mental framework to every aspect of my life.”  – Lauren

Took the challenge and looking for a little help staying on track? Missed the challenge but looking for a jump start on your nutritional journey?

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Nutrition is the key to everything…” – Shimi.

Remember, BK Fiters, we’re all in this together!

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”