BK Fit Studios First Newsletter EVA!


BK Fit Studios First Newsletter EVA!

Hey all! This Monday marked the beginning of our fourth week of classes at the brand new box, after months of classes at Fort Greene Park, building, equipping, cleaning, etc., so it’s time for an update.

As most of you have seen, construction is done, the locker room is finished, and the showers are operational (two showers! Whaaaaat?!). We have our TVs and WODify station fully set up, with furniture nestled neatly into the back of the gym for your enjoyment. It’s there for you, so use it! Our library is slowly growing in size, and I STRONGLY suggest browsing through ‘Becoming a Supple Leopard’ for help with relieving tight muscles and sore joints – it’s an incredibly detailed book which goes through each part of the body, providing mobilizations for each. A few other things, helpfully listed in bullet points:

• Try to get to class early, at least 10 or 15 minutes! You’ll get more out of each class if you’re able to foam roll and/or lightly stretch tight or sore muscles. Save heavy stretching for after class, but try to do it while your muscles are still warm.

• Protein and water! I’ll cover this more in-depth in a later post, but understand that weightlifting is well-controlled muscle damage. Repair and growth occur in the 48-72 hours after the workout, but only if you feed your body, and allow it rest. Imagine trying to renovate your house without giving the contractors any new materials (lumber, screws, drywall). The results would be… sketchy. Protein is most effective in the hour or so after a WOD, since the metabolic increase caused by the activity will distribute nutrients throughout the body more quickly, allowing repair to begin more quickly.

• Eat before class, but not right before! Food is fuel, and is essential to power your body through the demanding workouts you’ll encounter here. I don’t want to cross into nutrition too much (I’m a personal trainer and Cross Training coach, but not a nutritionist), but I find that eating 60-90 minutes before a WOD works well for me, and allows the food enough time to break down.

• Please use the WODify system! There are a lot of good reasons to – you and the coaches will be able to track your workouts and see your progress over time. It will also allow coaches to help you on movements you may find particularly challenging, and it allows you to ‘like’ and comment on your classmates lifts and times, so you can say nice things to each other.

• Ask your coaches! If you have questions, ask them! You never know what cue might help a difficult movement ‘click’ for you.

• Store is up and running! We have FitAid, water, t-shirts, tank tops (long-sleeve things coming soon), lacrosse balls, and jump ropes for sale!
• Movie Night! November 20th, one week from today – we’re slated to watch 28 Days Later, but would need suggestions for future movie nights.

• Join the Facebook page! If you’re reading this, perhaps you have – if not, there’s going to be lots of info here for you from now on, so join up!
• Add your photo to your WODify account! So your classmates know who you are and learn your name, and vice-versa. One of the best things about Cross Training is the community that pops up around boxes, and we want the same thing. Make workout buddies and talk to your classmates, introduce yourselves!

That’s all for now, I’ll have more for you soon with a General info/FAQ post that I’m working on, complete with citations for your perusal, and lots more funny jokes!

Hugs/Rock on/Obrigado,
Coach Mike