Valantine’s WOD


Valantine’s WOD

East Williamsburg – CROSS TRAINING


1 Rep Max Clean Ladder – EMOM

w/ 4 Over the Bar Burpees before each attempt

There are 12 stations, as per below, you can only complete 5 stations in a row. You can choose where you can start but you must perform 4 Over the Bar Bureepes + 1 clean for 5 consecutive stations (rest the remaining minute.)

Tie Breaker:

After your last station, 1-minute max effort burpees.


WOD1: Clean (1 Rep Max Clean Ladder – EMOM)


For time: 15:00 TIME CAP

WOD2: Metcon (Time)

40 Partner jumping lunges

40 Partner lateral burpees

40 Wall ball Shots

40 Pull ups (C2B/Regular)

Buddy carry x 4

15:00 TIME CAP
– Must hold hands on partner lunges

– Burpees: 20 each member, sets of 5.

– Wall Ball: (each partner must preform 40 and every 10 alternate)

– Pull-Ups: A member must complete only 5 reps.

– Buddy Carry: (4 lengths of the rig, a each member must complete at-least one length)


WOD3: Metcon (Time)

10 rounds (5each) alternating after each Rd.

15 Cal row

10 Push Press (95/65)

5 Burpee Box Jumps 30/24