Why Protein Is So Important


Why Protein Is So Important

Ever wonder what all the packets and bags of protein that we sell in the CFO store are for? Well today I will give you a brief overview of the why, what, when, who and how of protein (specifically protein powder). Here it goes…

Why: When you exercise, the individual fibers of the muscle tissue, which are made up of long chains of proteins, are damaged. This is why you become sore. We need to consume protein to provide fuel for the muscle, so that it can repair itself and become stronger than before. This is the most basic explanation of how exercise gets you in better shape.

What: After exercise, the best option is always a fast-digesting protein that becomes available in your bloodstream quickly. The highest quality fast-digesting protein is whey. It has substantial research backing it as the most effective. The protein we sell in the store is primarily whey, so we have you covered!

When: Following your workout, the faster you can get protein into your system, the quicker your body can begin to repair itself. If you do not consume any nutrients for a long time after exercise, the body will begin to break down other muscle tissue to repair the newly damaged areas! This is far from ideal, so remember, the faster the better!

Who: Everyone! Doesn’t matter who you are, your body needs protein. It is important to know that protein powder is not a drug or unnatural, it is simply a concentrated version of the proteins that are found in a whole food diet (think meat).

How: Most on-the-go people mix their protein powder with water, but there are hundreds, if not thousands of different ways to prepare your protein to make it taste great! Smoothies, milkshakes, even pancakes are great ways to consume your protein.

This post was only meant to be a brief overview of the topic, and in the future I plan to write more detailed and specific articles about protein and nutrition in general, so stay tuned! I hope it at least made you think more about your recovery between workouts and what you can begin to do to optimize your results. If you have any more questions, ask me or any of our coaches!