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We’re kicking things off with a hero WOD on Deload week so everyone can do Rx!!!

Loredo (Time)

6 Rounds for time of:

24 Squats

24 Push-ups

24 Walking Lunge Steps

400m Run
In honor of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Edwardo Loredo, 34, of Houston, TX, was killed on June 24, 2010
To learn more about Loredo click here
Today’s WOD Rules:

1. Do what’s best for YOU.

2. Set a goal and stick to it! Declare how many rounds you WILL complete BEFORE you start- no changing once you start.

3. 30-minute time Cap on the prescribed 6 rounds

4. Scaling option – 4 Rounds in 20-min time cap.

Drum roll please…………….Take home point—

5. This is a great opportunity to RX a Hero WOD….THEREFORE, in order to get the RX by your name, you must do so with integrity just as you would any other WOD. You must treat this WOD the same way you would treat a WOD that shows 185/135 Squats or 275/205 Deadlift. When you complete that workout, it’s usually pretty easy to tell if you Rx’d it or not; were you able to lift that weight or reach full depth? Proper form is not going to be any different here. The more perfect you make these body weight movements, the more success you will see in your other barbell movements. If you feel that you do not reach full depth in the squat(did your hip crease break below parrallel? Grab a med ball), the Push-ups (did your chest touch the ground and not the hips?), or get close to the ground on the lunges(did your knee actually touch the ground?), no rep yourself. I am fully aware that our athletes at BK Fit Studios (you are ALL athletes!), have different goals.

Some of you are there for a good workout. Some are there to prepare for competitions or compete with yourselves or the best times posted. Some of you have limitations/injuries/etc. that need to be monitored.

RX’ing a WOD is outstanding but there is also NO SHAME in scaling if need be. Enjoy the WOD – Challenge YOURSELF to be the BEST you can be TODAY. Sorry for the soapbox…it never hurts to revisit these points from time to time.