ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Ali Harris (July 2015)


ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Ali Harris (July 2015)

ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Ali Harris (July 2015)

Congratulations on being selected Athlete of the Month, Ali! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a pretty big nerd actually. My academic background is in evolutionary genetics and I could probably tell you a lot more about fruit flies than you would ever wish to know. However, apparently I like food more than science, and my current career choice is in that realm. I am an operations manager for a start up called Kitchensurfing.
Tell us about your fitness background, and how you came to Cross Training!
I’ve played sports my whole life, and I have played almost all of them competitively at some point. I found the best one in college, ultimate frisbee. I started playing competitive club ultimate, and the captain of my team was pretty into this thing called Cross Training (actually so was the whole team). So into it, she went to the games like 4 times (Jessica Schulz, look her up). I didn’t know that when I was covering her on the field, or I probably would have been terrified. Anyway, she made us do it to supplement our fitness, and when I stopped having time for ultimate, I decided to join a box for real. I got addicted pretty quickly.


What have been some of your favorite moments at the box?
Doing/watching the open wods at the box was pretty incredible. Also, seeing Shak lift anything is pretty awesome.
Do you have any advice for new Cross Trainingters or people on the fence about signing up?
Listen to your coaches and force yourself to do the movements properly. Don’t go for the RX weight and then go shallow on your squat every rep. You’ll never get better that way.
What are your favorite Cross Training movements? Which do you struggle with most?
I like box jumps and power cleans. I loathe thursters and push ups.
What qualities do you think we should look for in the next Athlete of the Month? Thanks so much for participating, Ali, and congratulations again!
I’d love to see it be someone whose life was made better by Cross Training, someone who says “I can do this now because of Cross Training.” That would be inspiring for me.