Best Way To Stay On Track While Traveling: By Coach Richard Wood


Best Way To Stay On Track While Traveling: By Coach Richard Wood

Going out of town for work? Finally taking that vacation youʼve been planning for months? Or maybe itʼs a long weekend and you decided to get out of the city. Whatever reason you have for going away, shouldnʼt mean you need to stop your training. Yes, there are times we need a break from training, like we need a break from work. However, for the other times you should pack your Metcons and Nanos with you.

Ever stop training for a few days, come back and your first day back feels like your first day doing Cross Training all over again? Well, that is why you donʼt want to leave too many lapses in your training. There are Cross Training boxes all over the 50 states and in nearly every country around the world. A quick Google search or visiting the Cross Training affiliate map will show you all the boxes in that city/country. And visitors are always welcomed!

My advice is to plan ahead. Once you find a box, contact them via email to make sure they are still an active business and donʼt have any schedule changes, and to let them that youʼll be visiting. Do this especially when going to another country where English is not the primary language. It gives the box a chance to make sure there is someone there who can translate and accommodate you. Be prepared to pay a drop in fee. Remember this is a small business, which depends on the contribution of their athletes (even the transitional athletes). And donʼt forget to pack your essentials (shoes, knees sleeves, grips, maybe a speed rope).

In the event that there are no Cross Training boxes within reasonable distance, your hotel/resort may have a fitness center. Thatʼs were the magic happens. You donʼt need much to get started. Most fitness centers will have a treadmill, a pullup bar, and dumbbells. With those in hand and a few body weight movements (air squats, handstand push-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and burpees) you can make up your own WOD. Whether it be for time, an amrap or EMOM, change it up everyday and try not to repeat movements everyday or rely only on what youʼre good at. And if youʼre still unsure, shoot any of your coaches at BK Fit an email for help or Google search “travel WODs”.

On a final note, keep in mind that certain gym etiquettes are universal. Remember to be on time, be respectful, listen to the coaches instruction (even if in a different language) and remember to always put your equipment away. Certain cultures or regions may have rules that are specific to them, especially with attire. So it goes without saying to respect and be courteous to those norms.

Get out there and get after it wherever you are!