Diminishing Your “Open” Doubts: By Coach Hunter Lydon


Diminishing Your “Open” Doubts: By Coach Hunter Lydon

The 2019 Cross Training Open season is upon us! This exciting time in our sport includes some of the most memorable moments we have as a fitness community: smashing PRs, first muscle-ups, first pull-ups (actually, a multitude of firsts), and making new friends (“Hey, can you be my judge for this?”)! 

But the Open can also bring us face to face with some of our deepest anxieties about competing and our personal goals. I’m here to tell you that you have absolutely nothing to fear!

One thing you’ll hear me and your other coaches at BK Fit say is that the Open workouts are “just another workout!” They will be programmed into your Metcon every Friday for the next 5 weeks anyway, so they should be treated as a normal part of your fitness routine. Also, just as with any other WOD, the Open workouts are scalable! Yes, the workouts are hard. We come to BK Fit every day to do The Hard Thing. We don’t show up because it’s easy. We show up and we do the damn thing! 

We will never grow as athletes until we begin to step outside our comfort zones. Signing up for the Open is doing just that. Be “open” to trying a new movement, or a new weight. You might just surprise yourself. THAT’S what it’s all about!

Finally, since it is “just a workout”, there is no need to be hard on yourself after the workout is over. You showed up, you tried harder than you ever did before. You helped someone by judging their workout and by cheering on countless others. You made an impact, just by being there! 

I hope that by reading this, I have quelled some of your apprehensions about signing up. I’d be so glad to see our entire BK Fit Family be registered and present for this awesome season of our sport. 

See you on the dance floor!

To the FIRST person who comments on this article “I’m signing up!” who has NEVER signed up for the Open before, I’ll pay your $20 registration fee!