Guest Yogi Lizzy!


Guest Yogi Lizzy!

Some of you know that Saysha is going to be away the next month on tour with her band! Let’s all wish her the best of luck while she is away on tour. Saysha was so kind to have her friend Lizzy take over her Yoga sessions, so let’s all welcome and introduce ourselves when she is around.

A little bit about Lizzy Picardi:

Registered Yoga Teacher, Powerlifting Coach, Secrets of Russian Champions Weightlifting Attendee
Movement has been an integral part of Lizzy’s life since she was a child. She utilizes her knowledge of strength sports, endurance sports, and yoga to help athletes grow stronger, move better, and most importantly – feel better. She is passionate about using yoga and mobility as a tool to groom both body and mind for improved overall health and athletic performance.

Lizzy has been competing in both weightlifting and powerlifting for the past 4 years. Her favorite lift is the deadlift in which she pulled 303 pounds at a bodyweight of 104lbs. When she is not in the gym she can be found working on handstands and backbends in the park or training for triathlons. She loves bicycles, good coffee, and pull-ups.