Halloween WODfest


Halloween WODfest


IT IS OFFICIAL!! Halloween WODfest will be Saturday, October 31 beginning at 11am with a FUN, no-pressure team competition of 3 wods, followed by a BBQ social at 1pm. Sign your team of 2f & 2m at the box on the whiteboard. See coach Heather with any questions!!

WODS will be released every few days. To satisfy your curiosity, here is WOD 2!!
21 ring rows, 15 pullups, 9 chest-to-bar
21 deadlifts (95/65), 15 hang cleans, 9 shoulder-to-overhead
21 wall balls (10#), 15 @ 14#, 9 @20#.

WOD 2 begins at 3-2-1 go with one athlete working at a time. The team must chip away at each movement station of 21-15-9 reps until all sets are complete, tagging each other to begin working. They may share the work and execute sets in no particular order (i.e. one athlete may do ring rows AND pull-ups if they wish, within their own ability).

The ring rows, pull-ups and chest-to-bar all begin with the athlete in full lockout below the rings or bar. For the ring rows, the athlete must pull until the rings make contact with their body. For the pull-ups, the athlete may use any manner (strict, kipping or butterfly) to pull until their chin is visible above the bar. For chest-to-bar, the athlete must pull until the bar makes contact with their chest below the collar bone. Once that set of 21-15-9 is complete, the team with move to the barbell station.

Athletes must in the same manner chip away at the 21 deadlifts, 15 hang cleans and 9 shoulder to overhead until all reps are complete, however they may share the work and reps do not need to be done in any particular order. The deadlifts begin with the barbell on the ground and finish with the knees and hips in full lockouts with the shoulders behind the bar. The hang cleans begin with the bar visibly paused above the knee and finish with the bar in the rack position, elbows in front of the bar. Cleans done in one continuous movement from the ground will NOT be allowed. The shoulder to overhead may be done in any manner (shoulder press, push press, or jerk). The bar begins in the rack position and finishes overhead with the athlete’s knees, hips, shoulders and elbows fully locked out. Once that set of 21-15-9 is complete, the athletes will move to the wall.

There will be three balls of ascending weight. Athletes must complete 21, 15, and 9 reps respectively. The wall ball must begin with the athlete’s at full standing lockout before descending into a front squat with the hip crease below the knee and then extending to make contact with the ball and the wall above the designated line. Work again may be done in any particular order, tagging team members in as long as only one athlete works at a time and the appropriate number of reps is completed on the correct weighted ball. There will be a 3 burpee penalty for ALL team members if ANY of the balls touches the ground.

The time stops when all team members have hi-fived or chest-bumped.