New Year New You Challenge


New Year New You Challenge

New Year New You Challenge @ BK Fit Studios

What is it: The NYNY is a 30-day nutrition, performance and life challenge It is based on principles of the Paleo Diet, modern-day life, science, and practical experience. This isn’t just a competition; it’s a springboard for incorporating healthy practices into your life and holding yourself accountable. During the 30 days of this challenge, you are expected to be “strict” and not stray from the guidelines.  This means, no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, and limited alcohol consumption…Not only do you need to have some self-discipline to carry through on this endeavor, but it is also an exercise in character. In addition to modifying your nutrition, we will expect that you optimize your training, sleep, and recovery to ensure that you are maximizing the impact of this change in all aspects of your life.

Judges: (Shimi, Adam & Mike) will base the winners according to who was the most consistent in their training and nutrition and who met their goals. These goals can vary from weight loss to weight gain from increased strength to increased stamina. There is not one set of criteria. We will also judge athletic performance using a benchmark wod as the matrix that we will complete at the start and end of the challenge

Dates: Starts Monday January 4th & Ends Monday February 2nd

Cost: $35.00 per a person, 100% of this money will go back to the winners

70% for 1st place & 30% for 2nd place.

Get started:

1. SIGN UP: 

East Williamsbug HERE

Clinton Hill HERE

2. Take ANY class at either location Monday January 4th. We will brief the class on the challenge during classes throughout the day and the wod will count towards the challenge. If you can’t attend classes that day, no problem, just message us and we’ll make arrangements for you to do the wod during another class.

3. Request to join our FB group (all material will be uploaded to this page)

What you have to do to achieve optimal success?

1. Journal your food, training, hydration, and sleep.

2.  Work towards getting 8 hours of sleep.

3.   Weekly: WOD 4+ times/week – journal it using Wodify.

4. Eat clean, track your food, my Fitness Pal is a great tool, you can download it here:

5. Stay ACTIVE.  When you aren’t scheduled to work out go for a walk, take one of Coach Mike’s mobility classes…do something!

What do you get out of it?  Hopefully a hot bod, more energy and better WOD times!

More info here:

Keep On WODing,

Adam & Shimi

Clinton Hill
10 Grand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
[email protected]