The Cross Training Games Open 2017: What Did You Learn?


The Cross Training Games Open 2017: What Did You Learn?

So what now? The Cross Training Open just wrapped up on Monday as I’m writing this and the Cross Training off season is upon us once again. We had an amazing number of 61 athletes do the Open at BK Fit and a bunch more who did the workouts “for fun”.

The Open is a time to celebrate our fitness and to see exactly how far we’ve come since last year, or since starting Cross Training. It’s a time of learning (a lot of times the hard way) where our weaknesses lie and lets us know what we need to work on for the next Open season, or for our fitness in general.

Did you give your best effort? In what areas did you succeed? What areas did you not do so well? Maybe you realized you didn’t have the mobility to squat snatch in 17.3, or the strength to deadlift the RX weight in 17.4, or the skill of double unders to complete 17.5. These things should be your priorities moving forward for the rest of 2017 and into 2018. Chances are you don’t like working on things you’re not good at, but that’s the only way you’ll get better at them! Your goal should be to turn those weaknesses into strengths for next year. Don’t cherry pick workouts and skip days when you see double unders in the workout or a long conditioning workout that you know will be very challenging for you. Look at the challenge positively and take it on instead of backing away from it!

It was a great Open season for us at BK Fit Studios and we hope you all had a lot of fun along the way. Take a few minutes to reflect on your performance and your goals and let us help you! There are plans in the works for a summer competition, so if you want to perform well then, start focusing on your weaknesses now!