Personal Training: Taking the “Scary” Out of Cross Training – By Coach Livi Kroll


Personal Training: Taking the “Scary” Out of Cross Training – By Coach Livi Kroll

For beginner athletes, some individuals may find themselves feeling
somewhat hesitant or even downright afraid to start a membership at a Cross Training
gym. The thought of going from a narrow athletic background, to a weight-lifting
class surrounded by other, more experienced athletes is justifiably unsettling.

Lifting a barbell and throwing it over my head?! That’s dangerous! I’m not
strong enough for those kinds of group workouts… I can’t keep up with a bunch of
macho muscle-heads!!! This thought process can be attributed to the common
misconception that new Cross Trainingters are expected to complete their first WOD at the
same caliber as the more advanced members in the class. Not only is that unsafe
and cause for injury, but it is something that Cross Training strives to avoid. What lots of
people don’t understand is that many –if not all– of the movements programmed
into Cross Training classes fall within a hierarchy, and everything is scalable to fit the
abilities of each individual athlete.

Nevertheless, there is still an abundance of people who want to try Cross Training
classes, but fear prevents them from taking the plunge. So, what is the next best
alternative? For those who are truly serious about wanting to improve their level of
fitness, but just aren’t ready for a group setting, personal training is the textbook

One-on-one sessions provide guaranteed programming that fits the specific
needs and abilities of any particular athlete. Let’s say, for example, one wants to
build muscle mass on their legs and glutes, but they lack the flexibility to properly
perform lunges and air squats. The trainer will then work hamstring mobility
exercises into their programming. This allows the athlete to improve their lunge and
air squat performance, and work towards their goal of building a more powerful
lower body.

Private sessions are especially beneficial to beginner athletes as it expedites
the process of perfecting form and technique. Taking the time to do this is
tremendously helpful with avoiding injury. Even when it comes to pre-existing
injuries, personal trainers are equipped to work around that, too! Athletes with
physical limitations can continue to get maximum value out of one-on-one sessions,
while avoiding making any injuries worse.

Since private sessions are custom built to adhere to the needs, abilities, and
goals of one individual, no time is ever wasted for the athlete. The coach is able to
provide 100% of his or her attention to one person, making the learning experience
much less intimidating. With personal training, athletes of all ability levels are able
to move at their own pace.

If you are someone who feels reluctant to join a box, it is evident that private
sessions are the next best solution to helping you reach your fitness goals. A firm
commitment to personal training paired with proper nutrition will help to set the
foundation for a successful fitness journey. In fact, the benefits of private sessions go
far beyond fitness and ultimately contribute to a better quality of life!