The Easiest Way To Increase Your Conditioning, Strength, and Mobility: By Coach Brianna True


The Easiest Way To Increase Your Conditioning, Strength, and Mobility: By Coach Brianna True

For many of us it was a struggle to find our niche in the fitness world. Personally, I only exercised a handful of times before the age of 25. What the heck would I even prepare for myself alone in a standard gym? How would I self motivate to get there? How would I self motivate once I got myself there? It wasn’t until I discovered that I could train in a group setting with a predetermined workout that I was truly able to embrace my love for fitness. This being said, I found my joy and I stuck to it. Why would I stray from my own personal holy grail?

Most of us find that Cross Training encompasses everything we need. By the definition itself Cross Training is functional fitness incorporating every modality man can imagine. But let’s be honest… in a one hour class, no matter how many days a week you train, you simply can’t get it all in. Here’s where BK Fit’s specialty classes come in!

Once a week at Metcon Monday alone won’t increase your stamina and endurance but attending a Total Body Rowing or HIIT class can help! If you haven’t already- come check it out! Some days we go on a 20 minute row at different intensities and some days we are on and off the erg, alternating between row sprints and some high intensity circuits. These classes are the prime time to work on targeted, isolated muscle groups that you wouldn’t otherwise get in a regular Cross Training class. Want to really hit those abs? Or a wide range of upper/lower body exercises? We better see you at TBR or HIIT!

For those of you who LOVE to hit the weights, but aren’t quite satisfied by just a few sets during Cross Training class, come to Powerlifting! What’s better than a day off from cardio!? (haha!) Spend 1.5 hours working on the conventional lifts: back squat, deadlift, and bench press. Coach Ray runs an amazing class and can help any athlete whether you’re looking to improve your technique or hit a beastly PR.

Looking to decompress? Are you sore and tight and perhaps the foam roller just isn’t cutting it? Aerial Yoga is offered at Bed Stuy on the weekends. Come get namastuy-fly with us! Aerial Yoga is a low impact class that will help lengthen and stretch those muscles, improving recovery and facilitating rest.

To become the best athlete you can be you will need to be well rounded. After all, it is best to practice what you preach, yes? Cross Training determines an athlete’s overall fitness by using the Hopper Theory. Imagine you have a big hopper full of bingo balls and each ball has a different fitness test on it. Some may indicate a 10k run, 1RM Deadlift, Annie (50-40-30-20-10) double-unders and sit ups, or even Karen: 150 Wall Balls for time. Do you think that you could perform equally as well at all of these tests? If not, it’s time to take your training to the next level and incorporate some specialty classes into your life!