The Importance of Coming to the Gym: By Coach Victor Lucena


The Importance of Coming to the Gym: By Coach Victor Lucena

Hey guys, what’s up? How is the fitness plan going?

Last time I wrote for the blog, I discussed the importance of setting small goals to achieve your big goals. If you want to get a pull up, there are some routines you can follow to achieve that, same for losing 5 pounds, same for running that sub 5 mile. But all routines include you coming to the gym at least 3x a week for months and months in a row.

So today I want to go one step back and talk about the first goal you should focus on: coming to the gym.

Look, I understand that by simply paying for a gym membership, one has the sensation that they’re already doing something for their fitness, but that’s far from true. Taking those 2 weeks off because work has been too demanding lately, or because your ankle is bothering you, or because that trip is around the corner – none of that is getting you any closer to getting in better shape. Often you focus on the reasons why you’re not coming but you forget the fact that you are not coming.

All of us have errands to run, problems to solve, work to do, kids to take care, but look, if a lot of people can manage all of that and still take care of their health, you also can. It’s only a mater of prioritizing what’s important.
My tip for you is: Come to workout first thing in the morning. Yeah, that’s right, wake up, dress up and come. We’ll talk about diet and energy later, first you need to show up.

Once you’re here, talk to people during class, try to make connections with your classmates. The more you feel connected to people the more you will want to come.

After creating the habit, you can be free to come during another time slot, and then we can discuss the best approach to master that movement you’re looking forward to. But remember, no program in the world matters if you don’t show up!