2018 Open CFO Rules and Regs


2018 Open CFO Rules and Regs

Welcome to week 1 of the 2018 Cross Training Open! We at CFO are super excited to get this year started and help you all perform your best and have fun!

The following is how we are going to handle the 5 weeks:

  • Workout release viewing party at every location Thursday nights
    • 8pm classes will be cancelled
  • Friday Night Lights event every week at 7pm
    • Location depending on the workout, 18.1 at WB (with a live DJ!)
    • We will run heats, you will be responsible for warming up on your own! We will go over standards/tips for the workout before we start the first heat.
    • Last class of the night at every location will be cancelled
  • The Open workout will be the class workout on Fridays, however, coaches WILL NOT be responsible for judging during class times regardless of the day
  • Open gym on Sundays at one location (depending on the workout) following class times
    • Coach will be present to judge if you weren’t able to make it Friday
  • You must have your own judge if you are completing the workout any time other than the Friday Night Lights event or Sunday open gym
    • Doing the workout while a class is going on will be strictly prohibited, you may do the workout in between class times
  • Don’t forget to get your scorecard from your judge after your workout
  • Post your score by Monday nights at 8pm or your score will not count!

We will see you Thursday night at the 18.1 release!