Finding Your Why: By Coach Hunter Lydon


Finding Your Why: By Coach Hunter Lydon

The alarm rings. You wake up. Get dressed. Put on your workout clothes. Walk like a zombie
over to the box. You see your friends. Stretch. Lift. Sweat. Smile. Hit the locker room. Off to work. Deal
with your boss. Go home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

This seemingly mundane routine can wear on us sometimes. We plan vacations or nights out to
spice it up, and it’s great, sure. But how can we find a way to invigorate that routine and to see it all in a
whole new light?

PURPOSE. Why do we do the things that we do? You know WHAT you do (work, fitness, etc).
You know HOW you do it…but do you know WHY you do it?

At some point each of you made the decision to change your life completely by signing up at
BK Fit. WHY? Is that reason still the reason you do it? Is that reason enough to get you to achieve
your goals?

I know that for me, growing up a heavier kid, when I started working out, all I wanted was to
look “good”. I followed fad diets, I under-ate, over-trained. I eventually got to a point where I looked
“good” but still felt unfulfilled. Something still felt lacking.

The late fitness icon, Greg Plitt, talked about the way we perceive fitness should not always be
about the “vanity of where you’re working out to look good in the mirror…but where you’re working out
as a lifestyle to be healthy”. Now that’s a WHY that I could get behind.

Why do I personally want to be fit? I do so that I can live an active, healthy and long life, but I
also believe that striving to be better in the box immediately bleeds into the rest of your life. Constantly
wanting be a better version of myself doesn’t stop when I leave the box. How could it? That would only
make me a better athlete, not a better me. Having a great workout puts me in a great mood so that
when I go to work I think about how to attack my day like any tough WOD. To me, I see being a better
athlete, being a better employee, being a better friend, or son, or brother, as all parts connected to
being a better ME, everyday.

Nietzsche once said, “He who has a Why can endure any How.” I encourage anyone who took
the time to read this (thank you!) to think about your own “WHY” in regards to your fitness journey.
What is it that drives you and motivates you? Once you figure that out, the rest is all the more worth it.