New Gymnastics Class Format


New Gymnastics Class Format

Starting on 3/05/18, gymnastics class will have a new structure.  Class will run in 4 week cycles and require a 4 week commitment from athletes.  Each athlete has to commit to coming to 1 class and only 1 class per week at any location (in case they can’t make the time class if offered at their home location) barring any unforeseen circumstances.  Each location will be given 8 spots.  Athletes will be given “homework” to complete outside of class.

Why the change?  Gymnastics requires a solid foundation and grasp of the basics.  Each week, athletes will build upon the skills and strength built in the previous week as they progress the skill for that cycle.  Therefore, it is imperative that athletes attend each class successively.  If you’ve jumped into gymnastics class lately, you probably noticed that you couldn’t partake in the kipping handstand push ups because you didn’t have adequate control of your top and bottom positions (handstand and headstand) or do not yet have the strict strength and body control to support the dynamic movement, and that’s okay!  In changing the format of the class, my goal is to have more intimate time with all those participating as I’ll be able to see where each person is at during the first day of class.  So, each person will receive more individualized attention and an individualized pathway towards their goals.

The first cycle will focus on toes to bar beginning with strict strength and address the various mobility demands of toes to bar.  We want to start thinking of the demands placed on our bodies for our various gymnastics skills in order to integrate different body parts into the whole and better understand our individual limiting factors.  How does my hamstring mobility affect my ability to do toes to bar?  How does my hip strength (or very likely, lack of strength) affect my ability to compress my hips and cause a lot more stress on my upper body during my toes to bar?  How is my grip strength coming into play?  These are just some of the questions we will address over the four week cycle as we progress towards the good ole’ Cross Training way of doing things:  kipping toes to bar.  

Classes will continue to be run as a workshop format with the idea being that you apply the information presented in class, outside of class as your “homework.”  Ah, yes, back in school.  But yes, you will actually receive some homework to do each week!  These skills and progressions take time to understand and a lot of practice.

We will be taking videos during each class to have nice visual proof of all your progress, and I will be asking for feedback after each cycle in order to make this the best experience possible for all of you!  I’m looking forward to working with you.  Please contact me at [email protected] to reserve your spot with the subject line “gymnastics class.”

Thank you all for your hard work in gymnastics class so far.  I’ve absolutely loved seeing your success thus far and can’t wait to see more!

P.S. Yes, a muscle up cycle will eventually be run 🙂