Why Group Workouts at Cross Training Beat the Lonely Days at the Gym: By Coach Matt Michalek


Why Group Workouts at Cross Training Beat the Lonely Days at the Gym: By Coach Matt Michalek

If you’re reading this, then you are curious about Cross Training or you’re even considering attending a free trial class. I am here to tell you how the group classes at Cross Training drastically changed my outlook in regards to going to the gym. (If you’re nervous about day 1 at Cross Training or don’t even know what to expect, check out “What to Expect From Your First Cross Training Class” by our assistant head coach, Brittany Bolella)

Does your typical day at the gym sound a lot like mine used to? Picture this:

I walk in the gym toward the wall to wall mirrors, headphones in, not trying to talk to anyone. I give myself a sultry wink then drop down for 10 pushups. It’s Monday, so it’s chest day, and this is the totality of my warm up. I progress through various sets of chest movements pulled from the internet with no enthusiasm. Depending on how I feel today, I may or may not complete every set.

It was monotonous, and the only thing that got me through those Mondays was the fact that I liked chest day. When it came to leg day, my weak link… it hurts to admit it, but… uh, yeah I skipped leg day a lot.

Back then, where did my motivation come from when I just didn’t feel like going? When going right home and binge watching The Office sounded way more appealing. Typically, the motivation never came at all.

Then I made one of the best decisions of my life. I started my membership at Cross Training BK Fit.

It only took a short time before I became genuinely excited to go to the gym. In that short time, I not only learned what a true workout feels like, but also made amazing new friends along the way.

So one might ask, what does my typical day at the gym box look like now?

During class warmup I chat with fellow CFO members (aka my new friends) and the coach about fantasy football, how f@$king cold it’s been, the new Metcon 8s, and Bitcoin’s current price. We all exchange laughs while answering the Question of the Day, then the coach explains the WOD (Workout of the Day) and the real fun begins.

Regardless of your experience, strength, or level of ability, we all discuss what weights we’re going to use and strategize about how to approach the metcon (with valuable input from the coach, of course!) Camaraderie and sportsmanship are incredibly important facets of the Cross Training community. Once the metcon starts, we are all pushing each other to our fullest potential. It is a fun and challenging environment where everyone is encouraging and supportive from the first rep to the last. Plus, what gym goer doesn’t like a little friendly competition? 🙂  

Finally, we cool down and talk about how we feel the workout went. Discussing everything from where we felt strong, where we could have done better, and how much we despise Paul for how sore we’re going to be tomorrow. (JK, we love you Paul!) All said with smiles on our faces due to how accomplished and strong we feel!

Now-a-days, I sit at work counting the minutes until I get to meet up with my friends and sweat towards our mutual goal of living fit and happy lives.

P.S. I love leg days now.